...it's an unknown concept for many, and a mere dream for most others. As an attorney with 2 law degrees, my lack of it was a major flaw that adversely dominoed into my family, relationships, priorities, values, and health. If you've experienced any of the same, I can truly empathize with you...but I can also assure you there is an option that doesn't require sacrificing any of the above.

This option is the network marketing (NM) profession. Regardless of what you know, think you know, or don't know about NM, it is inarguably one of the most trend driven and fastest growing industries on the planet. Further, when it's compared to many other occupations, including in my case the legal profession, the advantages it offers are virtually irresistible for many, especially when you factor in that a NM business can be developed very part-time and practically risk free...

But here's the million $ question you may have...will it really work ? For myself and numerous others I personally know, the answer is a resounding YES! In short, and at the seemingly unavoidable risk of self-promotion, over my 33 years in the NM profession I have had the honor to train well over 1 million distributors, was recently named a Top 250 All-Time Earner in NM with career earnings of 8 figures, and have helped generate combined estimated team earnings of over $160 million.

Most importantly, this success has not been at the expense of my marriage, family, priorities or health. In fact, I am in better health now than I was in my 20s, have been ecstatically married for 29 years, have 3 amazing daughters who I spent maximum time with as they were growing up, and now have 3 equally amazing grand kids. In short, I help part or full-time people develop long-term residual income.



Momentum Creation
Systems & Tools
Compensation Plans
Public Speaking
Network Marketing Law
Video Production
Web Programming
and more...
My wife Michelle and I's Modere team is destined to become one of the premier network marketing field organizations in the world because we provide our members with a full spectrum of the most sophisticated and advanced benefits ever offered in our profession. Whether you are already a network marketing “Rock Star,” or want to be one someday, you’ve come to the right place! Also we are powerfully aligned with Modere, which is hands down the most timely, disruptive and high potential network marketing type company ever, and which currently operates in 38 countries.
Our leaders have literally earned tens of millions of dollars from our industry, and have successfully trained millions of distributors, which are both huge advantages to you and your team. In short, we thrive on results and success...including YOURS...regardless of your experience, location, education level, etc.
Experienced leaders who join our team will have a launch consultation with the appropriate upline leaders including myself, who can help strategize and execute every facet of an explosive launch in coordination with our corporate partner. Especially if you are an accomplished network marketer looking for a final, lucrative home, then we want YOU!
We focus on a “team approach” that empowers myself and leaders "upline" from you do much of the “heavy lifting” in your team building efforts regardless of your experience, location, education level, etc. At the end of the day, our building model specifically includes numerous strategies that empower every individual, including you, to leverage and benefit from our deep talent pool of of world class network marketing leaders and systems.
My wife Michelle & I have personally produced and held numerous past events approaching 10,000 attendees, which will be repeated in the future for Synergy Global Team as our numbers increase. We also conduct numerous state-of-the-art webinars, Skype and Zoom sessions, and conference calls both "on demand" and as regularly scheduled events...all of which keep your building "battery" fully charged.

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